3 benefits of a blast freezing process in the bakery industry

A growing number of bakeries are switching to blast freezing. But what is blast freezing, and what are the benefits? 

With Blast freezing, cold air (up to -38°C) is blown over a food product in a controlled manner to freeze it as quickly as possible. 

If you have the correct freezing temperature and method, you will create the smallest ice crystals possible in the product's core. 

The main goal of the blast freezing process is to maintain maximum quality after defrosting. 

The blast freezing process creates the perfect condition to ensure optimal freshness, both in structure and taste. But also, to make the product ready to be stored in the freezer for as long as possible without losing quality. The main goal of the blast freezing process is to maintain maximum quality after defrosting. 

In this blog, you will read about the three main benefits of blast freezing: high-quality products, consistent freezing production, and future-proof logistical planning.

1. Maintaining the taste and structure of the product

If you want to preserve the taste and structure of the product, the blast freezing process must be applied to your bakery production process correctly. 

A correct installation of the blast freezing process in your entire production process depends on the following 2 elements:

  • If you freeze the product too short, it isn't good for the end product because there are too few ice crystals in the product. This will affect the taste and structure.
  • Freezing the product for too long is bad for the end product because you get freezing damage. 

Although time and temperature control, air circulation, and relative humidity are just a few factors in the freezing process: neglecting these conditions can seriously harm your product's quality. 

Blast freezing your product under the right circumstances will allow you to store the product (packed or unpacked) in freezer storage cells for extended periods. An essential part is to maintain the maximum product quality after defrosting to meet the high expectations of the end consumer.

2. Consistent freezing process

It's essential to correctly organize your bakery freezing process; it can lead to significant product quality loss if you don't. Correctly organizing your process means you have complete control over air circulation, relative humidity, and temperature during blast freezing. By constantly measuring, controlling, and regulating these parameters mentioned above, you will create a consistent and repetitive production process. 

Using the blast freezing method, you have a constant production process and fixed and calculated freezing times to ensure a timely production flow; blast freezing is faster than regular freezing, thus a faster process and consistent product quality.

This enables you to keep products in stock for a longer period, better matching the end customer's needs.

3. Future-proofing your logistical planning

To maintain the aroma, taste, and structure of the product, the process of blast freezing must fit seamlessly into your bakery production process.

To create the perfect blast freezing circumstances, you need to look at these essential factors: 

  • Product line: you need to look at your production plant now and in the future if you want to expand your production.
  • The location of your production; what is the impact of humidity and temperature? 
  • Check your current installations, and would a blast-freezing installation fit into your current landscape?

If you answer these questions above, you can look to improve your logistical planning. Incorporating blast freezing in your process enables you to keep the quality of your products high, and by freezing the products in the right way, you can build up stock. 

Having bakery products in stock gives you more flexibility in terms of production planning and logistics and ensures that your consumers always receive super fresh products.

Do you want more information about blast freezing and how you get optimal future-proof planning? Our blast-freezing expert is always happy to help! You can request here 1-on-1 meeting to discuss your challenges or questions. 

Perry Houx

Do you want more information about blast freezing?

Our blast freezing expert is always happy to help! You can discuss your challenges or questions to request 1-on-1 meeting below.