3 ways to upscale your industrial bakery production without losing on efficiency and quality

As a production manager, you constantly strive for improvements, exponential growth, and accumulating profits. During this process, upscaling is often needed to meet the growing demands of your customers. If you want to upscale your production process, it’s essential this does not go at the expense of your current efficiency and quality standards.

In the following paragraphs, you will read more about the three factors that will help you scale up your industrial bakery production without losing efficiency and quality.

Three essential factors in scaling up your production process

1. Optimise your current process

Before beginning with upscaling, you need to analyse and optimise your current production process. If there are existing issues in the current process, they will upscale simultaneously; something you would want to prevent at all times. Likewise, downtime must be minimized to whatever extent is possible.

You can minimize downtime by increasing the use of cold equipment in your production flow. By doing this, your production will detach from your baking cycle. If demand suddenly increases, this allows you to scale up flexibly. By purchasing a high-quality freezing system, you can create longer runs while delivering high product quality. Your ovens will only have to be used when you have to deliver a certain amount of finished products.

2. Achieve the same production volumes with less staff

Automation is crucial to scale up production volumes while achieving consistent product quality. Upscaling always brings forward the dilemma of extra personnel. Nowadays, it isn’t easy to find experienced production staff with a bakery background.

You need to automate and implement processes that require less trained staff for your scale-up. More straightforward controls mean ‘less personnel needed’ and ‘less personnel needed’ equals cost-saving operations.

The ingenious control system of the installations allows you to save on cost-heavy employee salaries as your production process will be eased. Parameters on the touchscreen are all controllable because of the separate installation of linked equipment parts. Once programmed, all the parameters can work in harmony, creating an optimal environment where manual personnel overwrites are eliminated.

3. Cost reduction & sustainability

  • Cost reduction through equipment quality

In general, it is proven that high-quality equipment always prevails over its B-brand equivalents. High-quality equipment has a long life and is future-proof. Whether it is equipment longevity or production continuity, your investment, in the long run, will always be lower than when you chose to purchase inferior quality.

Because of the high-quality components of our equipment, your energy consumption will be lower, the longevity will be more extended, and your service costs will be marginal. All of this will directly benefit your cost reduction.

  • Cost reduction through sustainable solutions

The European Union requires the food industry to phase out F-gasses by 2030 and switch to natural refrigerants. To what extent is your machinery ready for the near future?

The GWP (Globel Warming Potential) value indicates how a refrigerant contributes to the greenhouse effect. In other words: the higher the value, the greater the risk that a refrigerant negatively impacts our climate. Natural refrigerants help spare the environment. Using them in your process makes the cooling system much more sustainable and future-proof.

When planning the upscaling of your current semi-industrial bakery according to the latest regulations regarding natural refrigerants, only an experienced partner can advise you accordingly.

Do you want to take the next step in upscaling your production process?

Your upscaling is the most important step in your growth process. For your upscaling to be a success, you must first have a flawless production process, to begin with. Get in touch with our upscaling expert and get 1-on 1 advice on how to scale up your production efficiency.


Webinar: Upscaling without losing efficiency

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