Bakery Vreugdenhil chooses sustainable natural refrigeration technology

Bakery Vreugdenhil is a known name in The Netherlands. This third-generation family business is the first in the Netherlands to have a CO2 installation. This 3-star bakery has around 20 employees and invested in a natural refrigeration solution from KOMA.

By choosing openness and different components, customers can not only look through the shop but also have a view of the production. This intimate and open atmosphere suits the bakery. Vreugdenhil focuses on its customers. This future- and customer-oriented attitude were the basis for choosing a sustainable, future-oriented CO2 installation.

Ready for a sustainable future 

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a hot issue, also in the baking industry. When Bakery Vreugdenhil decided to expand to the current 250 m2 one and a half years ago, they also looked for a sustainable solution for cooling and conditioning. At the end of 2017, Bakery Vreugdenhil chose to be the first bakery in the Netherlands to apply a CO2 solution. In March 2018, this new CO2 system went into operation. Since then, this state-of-the-art system has been running without any problems.

Vreugdenhil has chosen natural refrigerants to be ready for the future. This distinctive company immediately saw the added value of such a system. For them, switching to CO2 was a logical choice.

The bakery is located in a residential area. This comes with its specific requirements, for example regarding noise production. To offer the best solution, KOMA has created customized solutions to reduce noise.

Because KOMA has the entire process, from recording, project layout, project engineering to production, in our hands. In this way, we can guarantee that the customer receives truly customized work. In this way, we were able to realize the most suitable solution for Bakery Vreugdenhil.

Smart Risk Management 

The installation must run carefree. Choosing a CO2 solution means choosing different risks than traditional cooling solutions. The total monitoring of all installations at KOMA is fully geared to this. This allows the bakery staff to concentrate on delivering the best quality baked goods, while the KOMA staff in the monitoring department monitors the installations. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Wondering how such a solution can work for you?

Bakery Vreugdenhil is a representative bakery for an average large bakery in the Netherlands. Various bakers have already visited Bakery Vreugdenhil to see the solution. Are you curious about the possibilities for a natural cooling solution for your company? Then contact us here, without obligation.

Paul Giesen

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